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情景对话:Breaking Bad Habits 改掉坏习惯

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Todd: Fascinating. Let's say you want to give up sugar, or you want to give up smoking orsomething like that, a physical substance. Do you have any tips for that?


Olga: Yes. One of their easiest things to do is incorporate fermented foods that break upchemical dependency on sugars, alcohol, and some other addictive substances. When I workwith people who are recovering from any kind of addictions, they don't have to be substanceaddictions, fermented foods help a lot.


Todd: Okay. Can you give some examples of fermented foods?


Olga: Absolutely. If you just chop up any kind of vegetable, let's say it's cabbage and carrot, so you cut it up. You massage it with salt and some spices until their juice comes out. You pressit down so all the vegetables are covered with its own juice. Three days later, you have perfectfermented sauerkraut.


Todd: Wow, that's great. Could you just buy sauerkraut or vinegar or something like that? Would that work?


Olga: Well, unfortunately, it wouldn't, because most of their krauts that you buy is pasteurized, which does not give you their probiotic activity. A lot of it is fake sauerkraut. What I mean bythat, if there was no bacterial activity and their taste comes from vinegar, you do not get thisbenefit.


Todd: Wow, that's good to know. I think though part of the problem though is even myselfthinking like, "Oh, I'm not going to cut up a bunch of cabbage and carrots, and wait threedays." It seems like it's too much work.


Olga: Well, it might be. Maybe you can visit a friend who is doing that, or if you have access tofarmer's market or some natural organic stores, they may provide something that is notpasteurized and prepared the right way.


Todd: Oh, that's a good idea. Okay, well, thanks a lot. That was some really good advice.


Olga: Very welcome.


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