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Do You Really Know "Apples" ?

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    Apples are not only healthy and delicious, but they are also a culturally important food in America. There are many apple related traditions in America, such as children bringing an apple to their teacher as a way of saying ‘thank you,’ a game called “bobbing for apples” that is played in the fall, and apple pie, a very American dessert, that is cooked and served on many important holidays like Independence Day and Thanksgiving Day.

as American as apple pie: 具有典型的美国或美国人的特征。
as American as apple pie – This means that something has qualities, or features, that aretypical of the United States or the people of the United States.

Example: My brother drives a Ford truck and wears blue jeans every day; he is as American as apple pie.

an apple a day keeps the doctor away: 苹果富含营养,所以这种表达代表一种建议。要保持健康(不用看医生)你应该每天吃苹果这样的健康食物。
an apple a day keeps the doctor away – Apples are considered a nutritious food; so this expression is intended as advice. To stay healthy (and to not have to visit the doctor) you should eat healthy food like, an apple, every day.

例句: 每当我生病,妈妈都会说“每天一苹果疾病远离你”这句话来提醒我照顾好自己。
Example: Whenever I get sick my mother always reminds me to take care of myself by saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.”

the apple of my eye:指代一个最喜欢或所爱的人。
the apple of my eye – This is a way of referring to a favorite, or beloved, person.

Example: My daughter is the apple of my eye; she makes me happy every day.

(like) comparing apples and oranges: 当某个人在讨论两个不相同的事物,但又试图把它们像相同的事物一样进行比较,可以使用这种表达。
(like) comparing apples and oranges – This expression is used when someone is talking about two non-similar items, but trying to compare them as though they were similar.

Example: You can’t compare who works harder, me or you; I am a teacher and you are a fisherman, and that is like comparing apples and oranges.

one rotten apple spoils the whole barrel: 一个坏人可以对他身边的每个人产生坏的影响,会让周围的人做出不好的行为。
one rotten apple spoils the whole barrel – This expression means that one bad person influences everyone around him or her and can make them act bad too.

Example: Jimmy is the rotten apple that spoils the barrel in my class, I wish I didn’t have to be his teacher all year.

How about them apples? or how do you like them apples?: 意思等同于‘what do you think of that?' 问这个问题通常在自夸或炫耀。
How about them apples? or How do you like them apples? This question is the same as ‘What do you think of that?’ Asking this question is usually a way of bragging or showing off.

Example: I was picked to join the basketball team and you weren’t. How do you like them apples?

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